Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Encounters Past

To see the years slip ever faster
Once upon a time
And as I had now wandered past her
Scent awakening my mind
To once a beautiful encounter
Moves by without a glimpse
And leaves me silent staring lonely
Shift in time with just a hint
Of what it was
And what it isn't
And what it shall not
Be again


  1. Perfect moment (maybe perfect because unique)?

  2. you know Luther, its really nice to go back in time, to reminisce the wonderful moments we once had with people who were part of us, like what you've said in this poem of yours!!!

    i like it really!

  3. There was a yearning in this poem that moved me...beautiful.

  4. What it shall not be again....I feel that.

  5. I wrote this piece as a reflection of time and how it speeds up as we get older. And opportunities taken that will never be upon us again. We are rocketing to our end and need to stop and reflect on what we have seen and done and be thankful for it all. This prompt really made me long for my youth while making me rejoice for what I have experienced to now. I am glad you all found it enjoyable to read!

  6. I love the use of scent in your poem. Scent can transport us in seconds, the smell of popcorn, new mown grass,french fries, fried chicken, fresh air. How true that you can be walking down a street physically, but a scent will take you to a different place and time.

  7. That must have been one beautiful encounter!

  8. what a perfect image for the perfect word!!

    i salute you for your creativity..

  9. The sections that grabbed me: time is just too fast. I don't understand it at all. The strength of a scent to trigger a memory, to trigger regret. You have captured so much in this poem.

    meeyauw: Shift in Time