Monday, May 25, 2009

Incarcerary Warmth

We lock in tight and see each other
He is new; he is my brother
His graceful stroll along the tiles
The man walks him the first long mile
He is greeted with charm; greeted with cheers
Greeted by many beyond his years
I know right off he will be mine
In times as this we are inclined
We toss aside stigmatic fear
A black man knows what he must endear
To make the step for worthy lust
And survive a world racially unjust
To the yard we go to make our measure
Discovering our implied shared treasure
Lights out now we make advances
With the Man awake we take our chances
Of agonony screams our first encounter
I dream of her and how I'd pound her
We roll away; we've made our connect
For each time more lest they detect
The rigors of love in concrete cells
Such is the pain of Luther Spells

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