Sunday, June 21, 2009

Before Assimilation

Complexities define me
For none know my next move
I need what soon I will see
Until then I leave no clue
Will she stand beside me
Or cross a busy street
Her scent evokes a wildness
For which I must compete
For will I take her briskly
Or move upon the next
Each time it becomes risky
Or now I could reject
To go upon resistance
Walk away in simulation
Let her feel safe
Before assimilation


  1. Another stunning work, my friend!
    I liked the way it started with a chaotic backdrop....
    Keep at it!!

  2. This is a good read; I can feel the deep tensions.

  3. I am happy folks have found my work not specifically linked to One Single Impression's prompt of the week. I find it difficult to only produce one poem per week. I even enjoy taking the prompts to different levels and do several poems using them. Thanks to you three for finding and commenting on this entry. I am pleased I have touched you!