Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Forces of Hatred

Racist endeavors to keep me down
Got no purpose; got no ground
Words of hate
Still emmanate
Fill the air with rage
Defy me to regenerate
I cannot turn the page
Clearly seen within their words
Agendas filled with hatred
Flying free among the birds
Stoned to the ground deflated
Devils seek to kill my soul
Rip it from my being
Among the things that they have stole
Of what I am not seeing
But I digress these racist pigs
Shall not demote my choices
I counter their most evil tricks
And shall defeat their forces


  1. It is not their choice. Turn the page and write!!!

  2. It was late when I wrote this. In the light of day, it seems open to interpretation and misinterpretation. Simplistic, prescriptive. It was not intended to be. What I wrote was a condensed visceral response to the taut logic and raw beauty of your writing.

    I cannot begin to know the pain you bear, I can barely put words to mine. Setting loss to music as you do helps to make meaning of senseless brutality. Cracking the cell of solitary suffering, putting your face on a collective wound, is nothing short of an act of immense courage and love. I believe in the power of words. Know that in extending your fluid wingtips, you have grazed my heart with your pen.

  3. I do so appreciate your kind words of encouragement Gabrielle. Please help me grow through your interpretations.