Sunday, August 16, 2009

Dictionarily Challenged

I wander alone among the unknown
Seeking the meaning of what is not shown
Have I stumbled upon something anew
Known by only a few unable to view
Shall I summon a source literary dark horse
Found purely by force on a twisted course
Refer to the guide as I take this short ride
Reveal this new side attempting to hide
Needing this release I call the police
Search for my peace hoping to cease
Open the book to have a good look
Wondering aloud


  1. Ha! I had to look it up too, my friend. I like to go to for the history of the word in question. The search is a kind of contemplation. Each word is a poem in itself.

    I enjoy your work. Thanks for being here.

  2. I'm glad you have taken my sarcastic lazy approach in the spirit in which it was delivered my friend!
    I do appreciate learning new words and improving my vocabulary through various means, but I feel my level of writing is not one that should require a dictionary! I anxiously await next week's prompt :-)

  3. Great (and unique) work there... Your "approach" to the poem was intriguing... And, lovely, lovely, rhyming! Loved it!

  4. You have strung some fine words together here.
    I also had to look this word up. I however did not post my wee poem for this word. Still, I enjoy visiting to see what you and others have done.