Saturday, August 29, 2009


Again I find myself among the mire
Deep within the jungle as darkness settles
Dampness thick in the air
A lone man pedals
Alarms sound wildly as I go
Stench of garbage flows
Dim lights glare
Shadows long and ominous
But for nothing there
And grueling hatred follows
A man who flees his past
He slithers through a puddle
Strewn with broken glass
Focused on his ends
Hoping on all hope
To find the final glory
Untie his binding rope


  1. your poetry never ceases to leave me in awe; such depth and meaning and food for thought in so few words, so well expressed

  2. A stunning piece of poetry! Very powerful, forceful, with vividly colorful decripts, and a fascinating rhythm about it... A rather dark piece but with a welcome silver lining... It was a splendid read!