Monday, September 21, 2009

Into The Light

To a place that knows me well
We meet among the pines
Where once my weary body dwell
Behind the structured lines
We settle down upon the log
And dream of anguished times
A quiet man; a lonely dog
A sharing of the rhymes
Envisioning the darkness
Of cloudy memories past
Rejoice together peace at last
And exit from the fog


  1. I think I have been down that road... sometimes I find the exit, sometimes, not...

    Beautiful work here and great use of the prompt. I enjoyed this so much.

  2. The "together" of this poem is exciting. Beautiful work.

  3. great poem!!

    i love your take on the prompt..

  4. A visit after quite a while, courtsey my rather long absence (again) from blogland.. Reading your work after the gap, I remember why I got charmed by your wordsmithing in the first place...
    A very fine creation indeed... Loved the misty touch to it, and the beautiful rhymes.. The journey into the past, to the "anguished times", specially from the perspective of a better "now".. rejoicing at the peace.. I felt you invoked the powerful Muse here.. Bravo to you, again!