Monday, July 6, 2009

Lost Boy

As a wisp of warm air
He slips past the gate
His deepest secrets
Locked inside innate
To share with himself
His wondrous dreams
Where under a bridge
His life always beams
For there he will go
And bring forth his joy
The stranger is now
Long lost as a boy


  1. Heartfelt and emotional.. beautiful work there... loved the flow and rhythm to it... and the way it ended..
    "The stranger is now
    Long lost as a boy"
    And what is most amazing, is this talent of yours.. whereby you create, albeit in different perspectives, quite a few compositions using the same prompt! You're a true wordsmith.. I know I say this a lot, but meeting you in blogland has been one of my richest and most cherished experiences till date... Your poems inspire me to write, and for sure I get to learn a lot.. I hope this exchange goes on for a long, long time... :)

  2. I am without words Dark Lord! Thank you. I think I gain my perspectives from the many different types of people I experience both now and in my past. Complex personalities unlike the average folks out on the street. I'm happy that you have enjoyed my work and your praise only inspires me more. I will add that you have a polished talent yourself and expanding upon it will only bring you great thiings! Peace my brother and thank you again.