Sunday, July 5, 2009


In slumber it seems
I am living in dreams
The walls unfamiliar
The people obscene
But awaken to hope
Of the home that I know
A place of kindness and love
Where beauty can grow
But fate takes my arm
And pulls me to danger
The more it does harm
The more is the stranger


  1. Yes.. but still, we don't stop hoping, and rightly so! Yet another great work!!

  2. From danger to safety, and back to danger again...thank goodness for the hope in all of us. The art work supports your poem very dramatically!

  3. First, the art: Did you draw this? I sense you are a wiz at Photo shopping with images and faces... but this looks like a pencil drawing as well and is amazing.
    Your rhythm pulls me from word to word in this poem.
    Hope is an energy that creates.... and so a wonderful thing to have.

  4. I frequently borrow art from other sources and use the Photoshop program here to place myself in them. I do this here because I am unable to quickly transfer my own artwork where if I had more time I could perhaps coax someone to scan my work in. I thank you for your kind words.

  5. Nice to know. Thank you for explaining. You are adept at the PS part!

  6. the picture reminded me of sleep paralysis, a ghastly phenomenon to experience and one I wrote about in a past life, but the words were a rollercoaster of emotion; first fear, then relief, then fear again... wow!

  7. Like ann, the picture reminded me of sleep paralysis and a story I did about it. The cadence of this piece is wonderful.

  8. Very powerful imagery and the rhythm is compelling. Many kinds of dreaming, lines blur between them. I have felt this way.