Sunday, July 19, 2009

Misplaced Words

He stumbles as he reaches
For words to speak for him
Memory dim
Of what the past teaches
Darkly grim
Wishing to awaken
He can now rejoice
But quickly retaken
By his inner voice


  1. These words pack a powerful punch...I loved the use of "memory dim" and "darkly grim". This poem reads wonderfully out loud. Impressive, as always!

  2. Bravo! A very fine creation indeed, amazing, how words can get to be so much powerful.. The starting two lines ("He stumbles as he reaches.. For words to reach for him") were awesome and the poem took off from there.. ballooning out beautifully to convey what was said, and a lot more that weren't..

  3. Wonderful. It is amazing what that inner voice can do. Maybe it really does have a life of its own!

  4. wonderful piece
    with great depth
    sometimes my memory dims...

  5. This is a wonderful poem. I like the dark power of the words and phrases. This is one of my favorite of yours.

  6. amazing! This one has to be spoken to feel it rumble. The rhythm is impeccable as an A train hurtling into the station. The turn of phrase, the voices unheard. I love this piece!